Local Business Marketing

How local people find my business

You have a wonderful website and a wonderful business, so why does your competitor get more trade?

It is a fact that most people now turn to the internet to find goods and services in their locality. indeed, in the UK, over 90% of people actually consult Google. Online business search and marketing is not just the future, but the present for local business marketing.

Do your own research.

If you ask 10 people in your office to find a Courier (or Solicitor or Florist or Restaurant – pick anything) and 4 will look at their smartphones, 3 will head to their computers and one of the others will phone a friend!

The fact is that most consumers turn to the internet even for local business searches (Restaurant in Soho, Florist in Muswell Hill, Plumber SE12) so it is essential to have a coherent marketing strategy for your business. Indeed, by optimising your website for local business searches you can stop your competitors from stealing your customers.

Is being No.1 on Google important? Well, the No.1 ranking on Google for any given keyword obtains between 40-45% of all traffic! And this is hungry consumers that want your goods or services. While you should always be aiming for the No.1 spot, there are actually 10 listings on the first page and your aim should be to make the first page. (Very rarely do searchers go beyond page 2! – How often do YOU look at the results on page 3?)

When you do a generic search for your business, where do you rank? Because when people near you look for a business like yours, they want to buy, and your website promoting your business needs to be an option for these potential customers to consider!

The internet gives every business – large or small – an equal chance of reaching new business.

Never has there been a time when the small business can trade so equally in the same markets as the major brands and labels.

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